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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The people online..

.. have you got any onlinefriends?
I mean people online that you chat alot with, you know about their family, their relations and so on?
Have the thought ever struck you that they might not be whom they claim to be?
Suddenly you realise that you have told a total stranger all about you, after months of chatting to eachother you just got that comfy that you were totally honest with them.. And maybe you then findout that they werent.. They might have lied about little details or whatever, but how would you react?
Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sorry guys I almost forgot you!
Or, no  I didnt forget you, I more kinda forgot about the blog..
But now it feels like the perfect time to take the writing up again. Alot has happened since last time I wrote (wich aint so strange considering how long ago it was). And I belive that as a footballcoach alot more will happen this year!
Somehow I managed to damage my back, thats a sign of getting old aint it?
I`ve met some new friends and a whole bunch of kids since Im now also spending my days as a assistant footballcoach in a school..

I must say that all the kids I meet in school are great, alot of different personalities and ofc alot of personal issues as well to handle. But they`ve made my life richer somehow, I just need to learn how to stop thinking about it when I go home in the afternoons.

Its still very cold here in Sweden and reading the newspaper doesnt make it much warmer I must say. Last couple of days  most media have been covering the suicide of a 13 year old girl who ended her life in front of a train after meeting a onlinepredator. The man is supposed to have made her belive that he was a 15 year old boy, and also made her pose in front of a webcam.. After that he threatened to publish the pictures (or movies, Im not sure) of her somewhere unless.. well Im not sure of what he wanted or blackmailed her with and thats not even important..
She was only 13 and way too young to end her life..
What I want by sharing this is just to send you all a reminder - If you are around kids, remind them that even if they put themselves in a embarrising situation or do something wrong you will still care and if they got a problem they can turn to you for help.. Dont let them feel all alone, noone deserves that.

The second story covered in media here since two days back are, not far from here, two young guys drove off without paying for gas (about 44 dollar), ended up in a policepursuit of their car. The officer in command decided to open a bridge (you know the ones where boats pass thru underneath it?) the guys in the car drove off the bridge and died.
Sweden now seems to be divided in wether they think its right or wrong that the police decided to open the bridge.
I see no winners in this story folks, a highspeed-pursuit over 44 dollar seems somehow unlogic to me (theft is theft but still..), the policeofficers making the desicions and taking part in the pursuit, the families to the guys who died (one of them recently became a father), society paying for all of it.. There aint no winners, there cant be.
What do you think? In Sweden we have some law that says that the police aint allowed to pursuit if it means risking lives (If I remember correct), apparently two lives were lost here. At the same time, before such a bridge there are warningsigns and warninglights that the bridge is going up, the guys should have stopped..
I feel truly sorry for the loss of their families - I do, but could anyone belive that they would keep driving?

Well thats enough of me for tonight, to all of you out there - Keep safe and look after eachother, the world needs more of that!
Sunday, March 18, 2012

Its been a long time..

.. since I wrote here now.. But the last couple of weeks I have been ill with pneumonia.
I got medicine for it but the coughing somehow doesnt seem to go away for some reason.
Last week has been spent at home and Im basically climbing the walls now to get out more.

Its not that Im social, just, staying home feels so.. locked up kinda.
Feeling like a prisoner who jsut want to get out.
So from tomorrow, I have decided: Im gonna be well again.. How about that?
Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out.

Whats your plans for the week that is coming up and what have you been up to this weekend?
Any fun news? Come on share it all now!
Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thursday, March 1, 2012

About struggling..

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi guys!
Its springtime in Sweden, or well, atleast the weather is sunny and rather warm.
I love this time of the year I feel the energy pumping in my body and most of all I just wanna spend the time outdoors and enjoy it!

I had a great day yesterday as well, as I think Ive told you before tuesday is the only day without any soccertraining for me, so I had the time to clean this place up a bit and then actually had a friend over for a visit in the daytime and then another friend came over in the evening, it was a great day.

Life is feeling great at the moment, hows your life going?
Monday, February 27, 2012

The guy/girl you never liked

Have you ever been in the situation where a friend of yours is dating someone that you really dislike?
Could be he/she is just an asshole or that they are just really obnoxius.
And sometimes you wonder if your friend is blind or retarded for pulling up with the guy or girl.
You see your friend getting hurt every single time you meet them and on the inside you are bubbling with rage.

What do you guys do when that happens?
Take a minute, think about it and then - Tell me about it!

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