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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi guys!
Its springtime in Sweden, or well, atleast the weather is sunny and rather warm.
I love this time of the year I feel the energy pumping in my body and most of all I just wanna spend the time outdoors and enjoy it!

I had a great day yesterday as well, as I think Ive told you before tuesday is the only day without any soccertraining for me, so I had the time to clean this place up a bit and then actually had a friend over for a visit in the daytime and then another friend came over in the evening, it was a great day.

Life is feeling great at the moment, hows your life going?
Monday, February 27, 2012

The guy/girl you never liked

Have you ever been in the situation where a friend of yours is dating someone that you really dislike?
Could be he/she is just an asshole or that they are just really obnoxius.
And sometimes you wonder if your friend is blind or retarded for pulling up with the guy or girl.
You see your friend getting hurt every single time you meet them and on the inside you are bubbling with rage.

What do you guys do when that happens?
Take a minute, think about it and then - Tell me about it!
Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Im feeling ill when I see whats going on in Syria today.
I also feel that thenews from there is getting less space in the papers and in the televisionnews.
Are we gonna leave them people there all alone?
Are we gonna stop caring?

Because Russia and China said that they dont support any actions taken against the ruler of Syria UN sits quiet.
They may condemn a thing or two, but they are also rather quiet, and it scares me.

Since I live in Sweden, I have ahard time understanding how the people in Syria really are getting along.
I sit here in peace and quiet, day out and day in, while someone else is most likely running for their life.
How many do you reckon across the world is, as I write this on the run trying to escape military?

Take a minute - Think about it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Angry cold!

Ok, so the cold that I have been pushing away for ages came back..
And oooh it was angry at me!
Saturday we had a soccergame with the team that I havent been training so long so I finally got to see my first game with them.
They did really well, some small stuff needs correction but other then that, Im impressed!
It was only a friendly game tho but they won 3-1.

On the way home I started feeling abit funny..
Couldnt really point out what it was but it showed soon enough that evening..
I got a high fever accompanied by headache and alot of freezing :(

As I said, the cold was mad at me for real ;)
I`m still winning tho,
Im getting better by the minute and Im not known for being able to take a rest.
Just sitting at home is so boring its basically killing me.
Ive watched two seasons of Sons Of Anarchy by now,
I have to do something to make the time pass by!

What do you guys do when you are sick to pass time?
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi all!

My back has healed itself, finally!
But now I dont have much to complain about, I really need tocome up with something here ;)

I read in the paper today about a guy who kidnapped himself,
trying to get 1500 $ from his parents as a ransom.
Is it just me who wonders why he demanded so little money?
I mean for real, that must be low selfesteem?
If someone else kidnapped me Id feel offended if that were all they asked for!
If I, for some weird reason, decided to kidnap myself  the ransom would be ridicoulusly high Id tell you!

Today its trainingday again (as always,right?), and I think focus will be on defense.
My mind is totally blank, I know what I want the guys to do during a game but Im not sure on how to invent an exercise for it..
Hmm I better go think on this one.

How is your day coming along?
And how did you spend Valentines day?
Why do we even celebrate it for real,
anyone that knows?
(Yes I could google it but Im too lazy).
Monday, February 13, 2012

Im 85?

Im feeling like I`m 85 years old today.. or no, I feel like my body is, not me.
Im still as childish but my body asks me not to move too much.
We are almost done cleaning out my mothers old house,
just few things left, and when I have the energy I suppose I should go and help her unpack?
After all, she is my mother and I vaguely remember what a horror it can be to move!
Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nope, Superwoman aint here..

Yesterday we moved all of the heavy stuff from my mothers house, and well, most  of the other stuff aswell,
now there are only few things left wich I said Id help out with today.
I also have training in an hour,
and I need to go andsee my grandfather today since my father called med yesterday about him,
and I have also invited my mother here for dinner tonight.

Except for filling my day so much I have no idea how I`ll manage it all I also need to take care of my own home.

My stomach is revolting against me and my back and shoulders wants to run away sometimes I wonder when I willrealize, its a fact, no matter how much I try - Im not superwoman!
Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi all!

My back still hurts tremendously!
And today we start moving my mothers stuff.
Tomorrow she has the big part of the move to do..

And its still scaringly cold outside: -14, a little windy and it looks like there is gonna be more snow coming soon.
But hey put this song on andlet us pretend:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This and that..

I have a meeting at my sons school today, and that would be no problem at all.
IF my back ,neck and shoulders wasnt killing me at the moment,
and Im more tired then Sleeping Beauty ever was!

I have a hard time seeing a prince showing upp to rescue me either,
we only have one prince in Sweden I belive and he is taken!
He doesnt really look that good either to be honest so Im not so sure Id like a kiss from him.

Other then that I suppose everything is as usual.
The dog still wants to go out every other hour or so,
Im still keeping it all nicelooking here at home (yes Im impressed by myself for that).
I get tears in my eyes from being sleepy wich isnt the best considering the makeup I just put on..
School might mistake me for a racoon and toss me out?

Anyways, hows your day coming along? All good I hope?
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Once again..

.. I need to apologize to you guys, but, between the keeping it clean and neat here and all the soocer, I have actually been forced to cook and sleep!
Not that I get into bed when I should, or get up when I should, or even eat when I should but...

Anyways, Im sitting here wonderinghow come a child at the age of 14,5 can make so much noise?
He is constantly rapping, even when he walks around here at home he is rapping.
Im almost starting to hear it in my sleep,
its rarely normal rap, more like a mix between singing and rapping, inspired of Bone thugs n Harmony I reckon.
And my ears are bleeding, well almost anyway!

At the same time my dog is sick and she needs to go out every other hour or so otherwise she pisses inside wich gives me even more work!
And most often IF a accident happends, no actually WHEN they happen, they happen while she is sleeping, she has a bedcover to sleep on..or actually.. three nowdays, wich means I have to wash that atleast two times every day + all the other "normal" laundry!

No, Im not complaining at all.. Im just saying.
Sunday, February 5, 2012


something is terribly wrong with me at the moment, Ive seem to have been caught by  a cleaning-bug.
I just cant stop at the moment, round and round and round I run cleaning a bit here and a bit there.
Not organised at all so I keep forgetting what Ive done and I lack the ability to make a priority-list of what to do next!

If it feels good? 
Well, would be a shame to complaint about it right? I mean, I just vacuumed for the second time within three days. For being me that is definatly something like a record!
I have made sure there is no dirty dish left, and Ive actually been on my knees scrubbing some parts of the floor,
I know that now the people who know me in real life are starting to get worried about me.
They know that ts just not me spending so muchtime on something that I find so boring!
Uhoh.. back in a bit, the laundry is ready!
Friday, February 3, 2012

1 hour and ten minutes..

Thats what I have left until Im meeting up with some friends at a local pub!
Gonna be nice, and hopefully my nieces will drop by so we can celebrate one of them turning 18 last week.
Amazing how time flies by, I dont think I will ever be able to see them as adults!

Within this hour Im gonna walk the dog, choose clothes, fix my face and hair and reach the pub.
I alreadyhave a feeling I will fail!

Wish me luck guys!
Thursday, February 2, 2012


I got it all redecorated in here, how do you like it?
Suddenly the world felt much brighter, tho, Im not a fan of pictures of myself I suppose I sooner or later will have to take more right?

My wonderful friend from the blog made this design for me.
If you want a new design you just holla at my girl!
Thanks Lilith!

Now, my place is almost tidy btw..
I suppose the vacumcleaner just took the best out of me;)
I look like a crazy person at the moment, my haor going in all directions possible and more plae then a polarbear!
I need to take a shower soon first I just need to procrastinate some..
I feel I have the right to do that now!

See you soon guys!
Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Suddenly it just happens,
the dirt keeps crawling up in your lap and you realise..
Its time to clean the place up!

For some weird reason it seems to happen alot to me,
I`m gonna take a wild guess here,
I belive that it has something to do with my lack of interest in cleaning.
Wich ofc means that it doesnt happen to often!

Somtimes even I belive that a world war occured while I wasnt at home,
atleast, I like to pretend that happen,
it seems like a good way to blame it on someone else!

The vacuumcleaner really aint my best friend, and as the years goes by we seem to become more and more like enemies, struggling for our existence!

How about you?
Are you a neat and tidy person?

The one

Have you ever lost someone or something to realise afterwards that maybe what you had wasnt so bad after all?
But when you realise it its too late and that person already moved on with his/her life?
I think its far too common, people running around looking for love but then they dont see what is straight in front of them.
And therefor they will never find "the right one" becuase when that person is there they just cant stop hunting for someone else, someone better?

I belive that there is a right one, for everyone, but that the right person aint perfect in every way,
we will need to overlook that persons negative things to see how great that person is..

I also belive that if you keep hunting love you will never see it when it is right next to you and that will make you loose in the long run.

What do you think?