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Sunday, February 5, 2012


something is terribly wrong with me at the moment, Ive seem to have been caught by  a cleaning-bug.
I just cant stop at the moment, round and round and round I run cleaning a bit here and a bit there.
Not organised at all so I keep forgetting what Ive done and I lack the ability to make a priority-list of what to do next!

If it feels good? 
Well, would be a shame to complaint about it right? I mean, I just vacuumed for the second time within three days. For being me that is definatly something like a record!
I have made sure there is no dirty dish left, and Ive actually been on my knees scrubbing some parts of the floor,
I know that now the people who know me in real life are starting to get worried about me.
They know that ts just not me spending so muchtime on something that I find so boring!
Uhoh.. back in a bit, the laundry is ready!