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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi all!

My back has healed itself, finally!
But now I dont have much to complain about, I really need tocome up with something here ;)

I read in the paper today about a guy who kidnapped himself,
trying to get 1500 $ from his parents as a ransom.
Is it just me who wonders why he demanded so little money?
I mean for real, that must be low selfesteem?
If someone else kidnapped me Id feel offended if that were all they asked for!
If I, for some weird reason, decided to kidnap myself  the ransom would be ridicoulusly high Id tell you!

Today its trainingday again (as always,right?), and I think focus will be on defense.
My mind is totally blank, I know what I want the guys to do during a game but Im not sure on how to invent an exercise for it..
Hmm I better go think on this one.

How is your day coming along?
And how did you spend Valentines day?
Why do we even celebrate it for real,
anyone that knows?
(Yes I could google it but Im too lazy).


MynameisEarl said...

Nice to know that your back is feeling better after all that moving. I spent my valentine's day playing basketball, jogging and bettering (is that even a word?) myself.

Gotta get the important stuff sorted out first you know? ;P

Zyu said...

Wow, really? Kidnapping himself to get money from his parents. Can't he just ask them?

Sara said...

@MyNameIsEarl: haha Bettering yourself? Is that even possible?;)

@Zyu: Yeah there should beabout a 1000 different things you can do to get hold of money instead of kidnapping yourself? :)