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Monday, February 13, 2012

Im 85?

Im feeling like I`m 85 years old today.. or no, I feel like my body is, not me.
Im still as childish but my body asks me not to move too much.
We are almost done cleaning out my mothers old house,
just few things left, and when I have the energy I suppose I should go and help her unpack?
After all, she is my mother and I vaguely remember what a horror it can be to move!


Ausgeflippt said...

Svar: Jajjamän! Trolljegeren. Jag vet inte hur många gånger som jag har sett den filmen. Den finns definitivt med på min tioitopp-lista :-)

Sara said...

Då ska jag helt klart kolla upp den, tackför tipset, gillade din blogg!

MynameisEarl said...

Hope you're doing fine with all the moving and that! :)

Sara said...

Thanks Earl!

Curious Crow said...

For an 85 year old let me tell you you look great! I know how that goes though when we moved last I was sore for a week.

Zyu said...

When do we ever grow up anyway.

Sara said...

@ Curious: aaaw thanks, I do look good for my age I must agree on that ;) And thanks for the sympathy, I needed that! :)

@Zyu Im not totally sure about that one, but that is something I think I will use as a subject for an upcoming post, Thanks for the idea!