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Thursday, February 9, 2012

This and that..

I have a meeting at my sons school today, and that would be no problem at all.
IF my back ,neck and shoulders wasnt killing me at the moment,
and Im more tired then Sleeping Beauty ever was!

I have a hard time seeing a prince showing upp to rescue me either,
we only have one prince in Sweden I belive and he is taken!
He doesnt really look that good either to be honest so Im not so sure Id like a kiss from him.

Other then that I suppose everything is as usual.
The dog still wants to go out every other hour or so,
Im still keeping it all nicelooking here at home (yes Im impressed by myself for that).
I get tears in my eyes from being sleepy wich isnt the best considering the makeup I just put on..
School might mistake me for a racoon and toss me out?

Anyways, hows your day coming along? All good I hope?


Kristjan said...

I didn`t know you were a mother.You look way to young for that.
Anyways, hope you feel better soon.

Sara said...

Aaaw thanks! I became a mother when I was 18, about to turn 19, so I was rather young :)
And hey! Thanks!