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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Once again..

.. I need to apologize to you guys, but, between the keeping it clean and neat here and all the soocer, I have actually been forced to cook and sleep!
Not that I get into bed when I should, or get up when I should, or even eat when I should but...

Anyways, Im sitting here wonderinghow come a child at the age of 14,5 can make so much noise?
He is constantly rapping, even when he walks around here at home he is rapping.
Im almost starting to hear it in my sleep,
its rarely normal rap, more like a mix between singing and rapping, inspired of Bone thugs n Harmony I reckon.
And my ears are bleeding, well almost anyway!

At the same time my dog is sick and she needs to go out every other hour or so otherwise she pisses inside wich gives me even more work!
And most often IF a accident happends, no actually WHEN they happen, they happen while she is sleeping, she has a bedcover to sleep on..or actually.. three nowdays, wich means I have to wash that atleast two times every day + all the other "normal" laundry!

No, Im not complaining at all.. Im just saying.