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Monday, February 20, 2012

Angry cold!

Ok, so the cold that I have been pushing away for ages came back..
And oooh it was angry at me!
Saturday we had a soccergame with the team that I havent been training so long so I finally got to see my first game with them.
They did really well, some small stuff needs correction but other then that, Im impressed!
It was only a friendly game tho but they won 3-1.

On the way home I started feeling abit funny..
Couldnt really point out what it was but it showed soon enough that evening..
I got a high fever accompanied by headache and alot of freezing :(

As I said, the cold was mad at me for real ;)
I`m still winning tho,
Im getting better by the minute and Im not known for being able to take a rest.
Just sitting at home is so boring its basically killing me.
Ive watched two seasons of Sons Of Anarchy by now,
I have to do something to make the time pass by!

What do you guys do when you are sick to pass time?


Zyu said...

Take care of yourself! When I'm sick, I pretty much lay in bed and browse the Internet all day.

MynameisEarl said...

When I'm sick, I walk around and do things, incredibly enough it works for me.

My grandfather, who is the wisest man I know told me some of the niftiest things in the most right of times. When he told me his story about him getting sick one time he did what he always did everyday. Moving, not moving stuff but moving his body and keeping it active.

2 days later I got a fever after coming home from school doing soccer training. I followed his advice and within the next day I felt better! No medicine or anything whatsoever, just walking around my neighbourhood, chores, drinking water and eating right.

Although, what I said is probably inadvisable because of people's thoughts about fever could affect the result. Fever's a good and/or bad thing depending on who you talk to, it's the body heating itself up to kill the bacteria that's inside.

Plus your body is in a very acidic PH at that stage. So a good way to counter that is to get the alkaline version of Vitamin C or more known as Sodium Ascorbate. It's plain chemistry, same amount of acid mixed with same amount of alkaline turns into a neutral PH.

What makes it so great though is that you can take 4 times the recommended dose compared to normal acidic Vitamin C which would normally end in stomach pain etc.

Although, taking too much of Sodium Ascorbate could lead to complication as well so take heed.