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Thursday, February 2, 2012


I got it all redecorated in here, how do you like it?
Suddenly the world felt much brighter, tho, Im not a fan of pictures of myself I suppose I sooner or later will have to take more right?

My wonderful friend from the blog made this design for me.
If you want a new design you just holla at my girl!
Thanks Lilith!

Now, my place is almost tidy btw..
I suppose the vacumcleaner just took the best out of me;)
I look like a crazy person at the moment, my haor going in all directions possible and more plae then a polarbear!
I need to take a shower soon first I just need to procrastinate some..
I feel I have the right to do that now!

See you soon guys!


Kristjan said...

Looks good.:)

Sara said...

Thank you, very girlie and sweet Id say :)