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Thursday, January 12, 2012

24 years ago..

This year it will be 24 years since the massacre in Halabja happened, suddenly our tv`s showed us pictures of young and old, women and men and even babies laying dead on the ground with a tone of yellow in their skin.
Their crime?
They were Kurds!

They say that its for sure that 5000 people lost their lifes that day but they belive there was more then that.
The chemical attack was awful, I was 10 years old at the time and they showed it on the news.
I still remember a woman who had died with a baby in her arms.. It looked like they all died very suddenly,
it looked like they had dropped to the ground like flies.
I remember that I cried and that I asked my parents what had happened to those people. I couldnt quite understand the answer but I remember one word from it: Mustardgas.

When there is gas in the air, and those amounts of it, you have nowhere to flee, nowhere, absolutely nowhere to run for cover.
The effects of this attack can still be seen in the area, many people have gone blind and cancer is very common.
Still today the people there is suffering, and do you know what the rest of the world did about the attack?
Absolutely nothing.. they seemed to be scared of Saddam and his best mate Chemical Ali..

The videoclip connected to this post is very graphic, therefor if you are a sensitive person, dont watch it!


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