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Sunday, January 8, 2012


I remember when my brother died,
the words I heard the most were: I understand how you feel.
And it always made me angry to hear,
sometimes I even said:

-"No, you dont know how I feel, and hopefully you never will".

I know that they meant well , but at that time, well I didnt see things so clearly as I can now when I look back.
Then a couple of weeks ago, what I never wanted should happen, happened.
My friend, whom I call Butterfly in here, lost her littlebrother.
I know she suffers, I know she feels like getting tossed between despair,sadness and sometimes happiness when her daughter brings her joy.

But I dont know how her sadness feels, and I wish I could take it all away but I know that no matter what I do the burden will be any easier.

I know that at the moment grief takes a hold of our sould, a battle starts, some just give up, but for others..
The fight to try and find a way back to a "normal" life starts, and it feels like you will never get there since the loss of a loved one is so hard, so dark.
And sometimes you have to fight and focus really hard to try and take just one more step, just one more breath.

You start appreciating things that you never really noticed before, at least not noticed it so clearly, silly little things like little birds singing.
I even started appreciating crying children, since that showed me life.

However, to you readers out there, I hope you never have to experience the same grief, that you can appreciate the little things in life anyway!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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