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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Are you curious of other languages? 
I often hear that Swedish is hard to learn, so, I thought Id give you a start.. 
Check this one out:

I wish you good luck and wish I could hear you trying it out!
Is there any specific language that you want to learn but just havent tries yet?
I want to learn spanish and arabic..


Dreadnaught said...

Chinese Japanese Russian Spanish and German.


Dreadnaught said...

I should add I tried Spanish in school, failed horribly. My teacher even said I was to white. Lol?

Sara said...

Hahaha too white? I speak some arabic (Very little) and english and swedish ofcourse and then some serbocroatian as well. I think I just basically told you I love to communicate!

Curious Crow said...

I speak Chinese which is a very difficult language to learn, almost too simple that it makes it difficult.

Sara said...

It seems well difficult, you got all the letters aswell then? Wow, Im impressed!

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