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Friday, January 6, 2012
Ok, Im at a point of the road where I need to make a decision.
Ive always had problems making them when it comes to big things.

To tell you the truth I didnt fall asleep until early this morning,
I laid in bed twisting and turning and just couldnt switch the brain off!

I cant tell you what its about but I think Im writing this to clear my own mind up abit.

I know that my choice will have a impact on people I care very much about and at the moment its between them and whats good for me.
Or not good, but best.

If it only effected me it wouldnt be a problem at all then I know what I would choose.
But this time it isnt and thats the hard part for me.

From one thing to another, today is the first soccertraining for 2012 yeeeey!
For me,personally, I see a new year filled with development when it comes to knowledge, and Im truly excited about that.
One day, maybe, you will see me coaching a team on a higher level, now lets all keepour fingers crossed for that ok? Thats my dream, and I know Im a good coach, that I am doing good communicating with the players, I lack some knowledge indeed, but we can all learn more right?

I better jump in the shower now.. I wish you all a good day until I update next time!


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