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Friday, January 13, 2012

North Korea

I just read about the people in North Korea today,
Seems the new dictator there is putting people to prison because they havent been mourning the old leader enough. And if their tears seemed to be fake.. Well in North Korea a prison aintreally a prison, its labor camps..

The whole world knows that the people in North Korea has been starving alot, we know that there was a crazy dictator and now his son ruling the country..
We know people dissapear there daily, yet... Noone does anything about it?

Aint those people worth the eyes of the public?
Are we afraid of their arsenals?
Im not sure at all here.

To be honest I dont know much about North Korea, but I do know something is terrible wrong.
I know that the people are kept really short, and has basically no freedom at all..

With countries like this, is there anything the rest of the world can do?


MynameisEarl said...

I wouldn't worry about North Korea as much, it should be the South's problem. Not everyone else's.

My 2 cents.

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