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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook and all the buttons I want to have!

I have been astonished lately about the "likes" I see on facebook.
There should be a "noticed-button" as well to be honest, if someone writes that they are feeling ill or something, I cant like that, but I can see it, and I wish that I could in a way show them that instead of  "liking" wich would show instead that I like the fact that the are ill?!

Actually, I wish there were many more buttons on facebook, a dislike wouldnt be all wrong now when I think about it..

"Oh I hurt my knee" then I could just hit dislike, even tho I have no clue why that information is relevant to me of course I dislike the fact of someone getting hurt?
"I didnt get the job :(" Is surely a dislike thing when you dont have the time to actually tell someone how sorry you are and that you are sure that the next job will be theirs?

Oh, and if people like me keeps posting musicvideos they like on facebook wouldnt it be great with a "love-button" aswell? I mean you can post Ice Cube "Why me" and I would so "love" it!

"Im so drunk I dont know where I am" that post would easily need a "WTF-button"..

Dear lord how many buttons I could use on facebook, and with all those buttons we could clearly change the name to Buttonbook?

I mean, just in case you like buttons as much as me?


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