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Sunday, January 22, 2012


That sounds weird huh?

I thought Id tell you all about something me and a facebookfriend of mine does when we are bored,and yes, it happens quite often actually!

We crash other peoples facebooks.. or.. their logs atleast..
We post something weird and then just make it a total groupchat,where we tag people to chat along with us!
Sometimes people get annoyed and sometimes I know that they are actually finding it rather amusing!

Once, we decided to make it a filmfestival, kind of Cannes on facebook, so we posted the categories as a message, and the films to vote on in the comments.
You never have more fun then you make it right?
So we told people to vote by clicking "Like" on whatever movie they liked the best!

The thing was.. it wasnt even real movies.. it was comic clips from youtube..

Now see, I warned you now, if you have a profile open for anyone to coment on.. We might be hanging out at your page soon.. Beware!


Kristjan said...

Sounds fun!

Sara said...

It iiiis! You hsould try it!

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