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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When does a child become a man?

Ive started to think alot about this lately.
When is the child adult enough to pay for his or hers actions?

The kid that got shot the other day had some buisness with the police it seems, and people in a forum is talking about that he got what he deserved..
I dont agree.

First of all I am against deathpenalty as most of you know.
Second of all, he was 15.. to me that is a child?

How can he deserve that? Does anyone deserve that?

When does a child become adult? And whos decision is it when they are?
In the world today we have countries that says you are old enough to go to war but not old enough to drink?
Is it only me that see a problem here?

Take a minute - Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Well, at 15 the frontal lobe is not fully developed. But some rationing skills are still there. Plus at 15, you can still "appear" as a threat. Appearance is key.

Sara said...

Thanks for following me!

I`m a soccercoach and to me the kids arounf 15 seem to vary alot in size as well as mentally.
But I know there are also kids that kills. Now I`m not thinking about this specific 15 year old that got shot the other day, I`m thinking like those who killed a 3-4 year old in UK a long time ago.. Its hard to know what to do with kids like that.

Evan said...

I will never understand how it is that people can so certainly say that someone else deserves death. Justice, at its core, is just a cultural construction that is formed in relation to a cultures norms and standards. Thus, justice is a forever changing concept along with the peoples beliefs that shape it. In the mid 1900's, African Americans were imprisoned and fined for acts such as sitting in the wrong seat or entering the wrong restroom in the name of justice. They were beaten, lynched, and murdered for similar reasons following similar misguided concepts. Today, however, most would agree that this had nothing to do with justice and more to do with hate. The same will be said of the acts we partake in under the name of "justice." Be it the incarceration and expulsion of illegal immigrants looking to save their families, the barbarous torturing and murdering of military prisoners, many of whom are innocent and imprisoned without trial, or the execution of global wars by certain first world countries to fight the same thing that they embody, we will be judged the same way we judge the southern whites every Martin Luther King Day, as a people who allowed themselves to be misguided by hatred and the celebration of violence.

Sara said...

After that comment I almost belive I will ask you to do a guestperformance here.

I loved every word and the way you look upon things, we are only two people in the world but I belive we can change stuff, I do.

Thanks Evan for sharing, keep it up!

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