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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Loss of respect..

.. I got my internship cancelled today, with a textmessage..
What lack of respect does that show?

I was supposed to start in a week from now but instead I will have to find myself another place to do internship on..

I`m somewhere between dissapointed and very angry.
I`m very dissapointed since I was so looking forward to it,
I`m angry because I think cancelling something like that should require a phonecall rather then a textmessage dont you think?

Well, I`m not giving up, I´m getting up..
And belive me I am gonna reach my goals in life!

I was born in the sign of Leo, and in the horoscope it says that a sad leo is a pity sight to see but never make the Leo angry because that will strike back.

I`m gonna use it to rise further!


Curious Crow said...

It could be worse you could have actually got the internship and went to do it then had them tell you that they didn't need you, or taken the internship just to find out they wont show you any respect there. Those are both things that happened to people I know with their internships.

Sara said...

Indeed its awful!

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