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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ive spoke to alot of guys lately that has had issues, and for some of them I have suggested professional therapy.

The response to that is scary, they just wont go there because a therapist would definatly screw their mind up in their opinion, instead they prefer sitting with a vodkabottle and do some "self-therapy".
Of course its only destructive and leading nowhere but they dont seem to see that themselves.

What is it that is so scary about therapy?
That you open up to someone you dont know?
Or the fact that someone has solutions to your problems without even knowing you for real?
Could it be that we know that we have at times, done wrong and that we are too scared of telling someone about those times?

We have a saying in Sweden that goes something like: "Alone is strong".
I dont belive it for a minute, I mean, we are since beginning of time pack-creatures.
We have always needed to be with others, our survival has been depending on it,
but suddenly we wouldnt be?

Therapy can be good, if the therapist is good at his/her job!
Cost abit to try it out, sure, but hey nothing in life comes for free - right?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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