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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
My son is annoyed with me alot oftimes.
One of the things he complaints alot about is that I make him think too much.

You see my son and some of his friends doesnt always understand that enough is enough.
And they sometimes have attitude problems.

They can be teasing someone on, for example Facebook and they sometimes manage to push the jokes too far.
I then try to talk to my son about it,
at first he always gets angry and tries to tell me off.. AS IF.. I dont listen ofc.. I keep pushing.

And then he from time to time says;
"Mom, you know I care about people and such but you always make me think and feel bad about stuff."

You see the thing is that they are all very intelligent boys, I havent doubted that for a second, and they are also very kind normally.
But as with all other people in the world, you treat them bad and they will do the same to you.

And I like to make the young people think.. They are our hope, if they dont care about anyone.. Then who will care about us when we get older?


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