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Sunday, January 8, 2012


.. I was supposed to take a small nap around lunchtime.. now I woke up..
And I had this awful dream about me being in Australia..
First I was divin in a port, then I realized there were sharks there.. So.. I let them out of there!?!
(How on earth I did that) They were about 4-6 meters long,
But in the water I was letting them out to, was the biggest shark Ive ever seen, Im not lieing If I tell you its mouth were about 5 meters wide, and... it was singing!!!! It was singing for me..
Right, the dream could have ended there but no..
I was manic about not missing my flight homebut noone wanted to tell me what date it was.
When I got to the airport I couldnt find my tickets, and someone was taunting me all the time..
This man:

No I woke upp, cold and sweaty so I need to take a shower now.. Im still upset!


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