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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Grandpa

"So who is this in this photo Grandpa?"

I asked while looking at a black and white photo, on the back of the photo it said 1945 and it shoed 4 women in nursingclothes and alot of children all lined up for the camera.
I would guess the children to be between  6 months and 2-3 years by the style of their clothes I can tell that the year on the backside is when the photo has been taken.

"Oh, thats you when you were at that place were single mothers left their kids to work, I was the only man allowed to leave my child there since I was a singleparent".

I then realise that my father is in that picture somewhere, my grandma died young, tuberculosis ended her time on earth.

I play along tho, with my grandpas memories while I think that it isnt so important to me that he is clear about what relationship he has to meas it is that he is feeling good...


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