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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My liver & The little girl

So I got the new testresults for my liver back, they had gone down abit but not toally, wich is an ease.. Now I just need to figure out why Ive gained so much weight, I belive most of it is water but Im not sure.

I read the newspaper today, about a little girl who were kept out on the balcony a whole night last autumn as if that wasnt enough, her father has several times beaten her up and then put salt and pepper in her wounds with the excuse that it would make it heal better.

In the article it says nothing about her mother, just that the girl has told teachers about what was going on..
Where is the mother in this case?
The only excuse for her not stopping this is if she is diseased, right?

Makes me so sad, the girl is only ten years old and this is the picture she gets about how you raise children?
I hope that she will be able to see as an adult that her father was wrong.


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