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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Woman in your life!

Do you remember in SATC when one of the girls got married to a scottish man and how his mother was?
Mhm.. She could come over at any time she liked and start telling the wife all the things she did wrong?
But they forgot to mention that there is one more typ of Mothers in law...

The ones that just cant let their babies go.. Even tho their babies in fact are adult men.

My friend is living with a man like that.
His mother calls him every day telling him to come over and he does..
It doesnt matter if my friend is prearing a 3-course meal that will be ready in few minutes.
Nope, off he goes!

He doesnt help out around the house much.. or at all I belive now when I think about it.
Yet he is mad and frusrated if their home aint in tiptop shape all the time.

My friend told me that once his mother asked her if he did help out at home and when my friend decided to tell the truth, that he didnt, his mother laughed and said something like "Well, thats my fault haha he is still my little baby".

Somehow she managed to see something funny about it while I know my friend is struggling since she really adore this man in every other way.

What are you supposed to do with men like this? And how to get their mothers to understand?
Just saying "Leave him" wont work since the women in these situations often love their guys, their must be something else to do, I just dont know what?

And to the men reading this blog, never turn out to be this kind of man, your woman needs you.
And your mother should of course be welcome in your life, maybe just not all the time.
You have choosen your woman, be the man she deserves to have?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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