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Sunday, January 22, 2012

All the blogs..

Entering another persons blog is a little bit live visiting their house.. or actually, their brain.

I can almost see it in front of me, stepping into a house filled with doors named by the categories of the you are visiting..

Either you take the first door to your right (that should be the most recent post), or you keep walking down the hallway to find the other categories, when you just found a new blog its really hard to choose wich door to open.
For me we are talking a long time of thinking and planning here, do I really want to know this or that? Do I dare to open the next door or will it be a room entirely pink?

Maybe someone is nude in there? (This happens alot in my friends blog: http://, its in swedish and contains alot of nude pics.

If I`m hungry I better not check out, she always has some good food just waiting to tease me! (That blog is also in swedish I`m afraid).

If I want to watch art the place to be is .

And the most fantastic part of it all; They all have doors I need to choose from!

Someone help me, Im lost in the land of choices even tho I suck at making choices!


Kristjan said...

Haha. Nice post. You can open all the doors on my blog.

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