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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Relaxed & a good feeling

Im feeling totally relaxed now, abit sore from training (Xbox qualifies as training!), but tired in a good way.
Looking forward to tomorrow, I have a good feeling about tomorrow, Im not sure why yet, I suppose we will see tomorrow if the feeling was correct or not?

Tomorrow is therapy and then training in the evening plus I have a errand to do in the morning so I suppose I will be busy..

What are your plans for tomorrow guys?
You up to anything fun?

Oh and is there anything special you would like to read about?


Dreadnaught said...

Ah how I miss Xbox. My tv broke recently just outside of warranty to..bye bye 32in Sony Vizio! *cries*

But it has allowed me to focus on better things like my Nintendo 64. lol

Tomorrow no plans. Besides check the mail and perhaps pick up some things from the store.

Kristjan said...

Xbox qualifies as training. Lol. You are funny and I like your blog. Following!

Sara said...

@Dreadnaught: How can you survive without Xbox? I mean for real, come on aint no better pal totake out all your angers on, to occupyyour mind and spend time with you! Now when I think about it.. I think I will name mine soon haha.

@Kristjan: Thanks and welcome!

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