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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wolf- Exist or not?

Ok, Im getting back to life now.. finally!
I just read on Facebook and in the newspaper a debate going on about the Wolves existence in Sweden.
Alot of people on the countryside is against its existence, since its them its existence is most disturbing to when it comesto injured/dead cattle and so on.

And then we have the people that lovethe Wolves but doesnt live close enough to get any property damaged by them.

I think all of them should remember something, there was Wolf in Sweden before there were humans here..
If you choose to live far away from a City then you choose to live close to nature,
and its a fact that we have great predators in our nature, so you make your own choice by living there.
Its the law of nature that should be ruling.

I think that Wolves are beautiful animals, but I dont live close to them.
IF I DID live close to them, I would of course respect that they exist and be careful about letting my dog run freely and such things..

Now since I dont live close to them, I cant understand how the people that does feels of course,
so I suppose I`m not the one to judge?


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