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Friday, January 6, 2012


.. Its amazing how long some people stay in your life.
And how some can dissapear out of your life - only to find their way back into it years later.

I thought alot about it recently since I started getting in touch with some old mates from the time I was about 14-15.
Some of them I have hardly seen in 18 years, yet, now when I meet them its like we never were apart.
Sure the subjects we talk about are different but the trust and so on, its still there.

I have some friends I dont have much contact with but whenever we talk, its the same.
Alot of giggling, some gossip and so on and of course alot of catching up.

I feel very blessed to have all these people around me still.
They mean alot to me.

How does your friendships work? Tell me?


LILITH - Mamma med Borderline said...

And we are blessed to have you in our lifes.

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