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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wise words from my Grandfather..

I visited my Grandfather today, and we spoke about life.
He said it had been easier lately, and I said:
-Well, lucky for us life aint always so dark, dont you agree Grandpa?
His respons is something I hope I never forget;

-"Its good that life is dark sometimes, otherwise it would be so hard to sleep."

Today he seemed healthier then last time when it comes to the mental part, and he also taold me about how his mother passed away, and about life back in the days.
He has been thru alot in his days my Grandfather and I love it when he wants to share some stories with me!


MynameisEarl said...

Grandparents are the bridge back to when life was so different. They also want to relate with the younger generation these days.

My grandfather is also that way, he's so wise its as if he's not even trying.

Sara said...

:) My granddad started rapping the last time I was there, haha, I couldnt belive it! He is 93 now and I belive he is becoming a bit senile now.. But I truly love his stories and trying to imagine how life was back then.

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