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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today its wednesday and Im up earlier then normal.
I`m going to visit my grandfather today,
he is amazing.
He is 93 yeards old, rather healthy,
he doesnt look as old as he is at all.
His hands are shaking really much tho.

For over 20 years now he has been talking about the day when he dies,
it used to be really painful to listen to when I was younger since he was so close to me.
He only has one leg, and has only had one for most his life.
He lost the other one because of a disease when he was young.
We share alot of fun memories together my Grandfather and I,
and he is great at telling stories and has been that for as long as I can remember!

When he was youner he often rode his bicycle to work, he never had a car.
However this specific time I`m thinking about he got hit by a car.
It wasnt so hard but he fell of his bike and the artificial leg  came off,
and flew thru the air about 15 meters.

The driver of the car rushed out asking if my Grandpa was ok,
when he replied yes the driver looked at the artificial leg and got really pale,
"-You need to lay perfectly still, I`m gonna get you some help".
However my grandfather didnt want the help, he felt rather fine.
The driver was really scared, convinced he had managed to make Grandpa loose his leg.

Grandpa was the one adult I always trusted while growing up,
and he was always really kind to me so I was never afraid to tell him if I got into trouble,
and I could always trust on him trying to help me out.

As I said before we have many memories together and I will most likely share some with you later in this blog!

Do you have someone elderly close? Someone you can tell almost anything and that you know would always help you if they could?

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