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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still 2012?

Yes it is..aint it?
With a new year new opportunities comes they say, and yeah I start to belive it.

I`m going to a meeting today, I cant tell you about what yet, but I will later.

I gave more blood yesterday for testing my liver, and since I dont drink or do drugs or anything like that I have decided the tests will be good, however this time theyalso started testing my kidneys Ive realised after looking the tests up on google.

I have decided to paint my livingroom whitein the close future and to re-decorate it.
I have also decided that I`m worth more clothes.

And it seems like Im gonna go to Barcelona and go their advanced trainer education  for 7-14 days.
Guess If that feels good for me?
What would life be without friends?

I am back to my positive-thinking after alot of thinking yesterday, willpower and how you look on things can change them, I`m the first to sign thats a truth so I better practise it myself, and I will!

What do you think? Can just the way you think about something change it?


LILITH - Mamma med Borderline said...

I think that the way you think can help you get what you want. If you think positive you are more likely to see the opportunities that you whould otherwise miss.

EmmA said...

sv: tack, vad roligt! :)

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