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Monday, January 9, 2012

Power of commercials..

Are you one of those who belives in all the commercials that are shown on tv?
I dont, but, Id lie if I say they have no effect on me.
This  Ive realised by the stuff I buy while I go shopping for groceries and stuff.
Suddenly I come home with a new brand of dishwashingpowder.. Not that I ever noticed anything wrong with the old one but this new one basically makes the dish wash itself!
Or no it doesnt, it just stands here on the table while Im waiting for it to attack the dish-mountain..
It just doesnt happen...

There once was a commericial about a mini-hippo that lived in peoples houses but only came out in the dark.. Ooooh how I wanted a hippo like that.. What the commercial was selling? I dont know to be honest, all I could focus on was how cute the little Hippo was.

And then there is all these loose weight-commecials..
If we tried them all Im rather sure our bodies would protest and maybe even pay us back by gaining extra weight instead!
Or.. maybe just totally stop functioning?

There is all these cleaningsommercials.. selling stuff you definatly need to have a clean house, I am a witness tho that none of them makes the house clean itself, Ive tried, none is as simple as they say they are..

How about you, do you belive in the commercials on tv or in the papers?
Do they, wether you like it or not, keep what they promise?

Take a minute - Think about it!


LILITH - Mamma med Borderline said...

Oh I remember that hippo, but like you, I can't remember what they were trying to sell :)

Sara said...

Hahaha I watched it now.. it is about making kids not beliving in commericials!:)

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