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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Young players..

One thing that hits me when it comes to young soccerplayers is their ability to judge themselves.
As a coach you most often dont need to tell them what they do wrong,
they know already when they`ve messed up.

Instead you have to try to notice what they do right and correct that.
Ive seen so many players get off the field with tears in their eyes,
and its painful for me to see because then I know its hard to turn it around.

They can sometimes do ten good things but then they mess up one time,
and thats the thing they take with them when they go home.
And suddenly, instead om improving they do worse every time,
and in some cases, they even quit.

How do you act when you mess something up?
Do you give up or do you keep going?


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to learn how to play soccer, but my father said it was solely a sport for men. Such a gorgeous sport.

Sara said...

It is indeed, sad to hear your father having those thoughts then, of course its a sport for both genders. Tho it is a different tactic for men and for women due to physical reasons.

Fnulan said...

:O Måste man kommentera på engelska för då tror jag att jag dör..

Sara said...

@Fnulan; Hahaha Definitivt inte, kommentera på vilket språk du vill, i värsta fall får jag använda Googletranslate ;)

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