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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christians in Iraq and Rwanda

Here the weather today reminds me of spring.
I woke up feeling terrible, coughing and having a little fever but as soon as I got out to walk the dog, the cough didnt matter anymore because the weather made me so happy!

Get me right here, I know something is wrong when the middle of Sweden doesnt have snow in January but today, it just fell so good with the sun warming me up.

Anyhow I wont bore you with speaking about my own life, I got more important things to let you read about!

I was thinking about Rwanda, you remember there was a genocide there, right?
It was in 1994, there is two great movies made about it, One is the famour "Hotel Rwanda" and the other is called "Shooting dogs" the last one touched me deeply since people that survived helped out in making it.
I can most likely see that movie over and over again!

However, for those of you that saw my post yesterday about the christians in Iraq, do you see the similarities that I do? That a group of people gets treated totally terrible and noone does anything about it?
In Iraq and amongst the christians there is no UN-soldiers tho of course, not that they helped the Rwandan people anyway.

But one thing that hit me is that I didnt know much about the crisis in Rwanda until AFTER the genocide, I dont remember reading much about it in the news.
And the same thing about those christians in Iraq, I think Ive seen some short story about a church getting burned down but not much more.

So how about this, I write to Swedish officials and try to make them do something so that the people there can become more safe, and you, wherever you are, write to your officials? Deal?
Maybe we can atleast make one more person aware about the problem?

And please dont blame it on "moslems being evil" because normally they aint this hate must have been brought down thru centuries of time!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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