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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Im sooo sorry!

I havent updated alot lately, just been so many things around soccer right now that I just havent had the time yet.
And, erhm, not only soccer...
Today, again, I decided to try toimprove the dancing in front of the X-box..
It went better.. isntead of loking like a whale stuck in a airplane, I looked like a pregnant elephant!
So Agile..

I will be back in abit!


Dreadnaught said...

You need to go buy Dance Dance Revolution and a dance mat. When I first played it on PlayStation omg it was like crack. Gets the heart pumping like crazy. Xbox DDR games are ok, the best were extreme and extreme 2 then all the arcade mixes.

Sara said...

Ahn I got Dance Central 2 now.. I love it.. Even tho, as I said I look like a pregnant hippo or elphant while trying their moves.. And then I have a sports game aaaandyesterday I got myself a P.T in "Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure" :)

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