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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My dog & her snow

Ok, for real now.
It has been snowing lightly here for a while now,
the ground is white but has turned that way in a peaceful way.
No storm, not even any wind just snowflakes slowly reaching the ground.
Its not so cold out, not at all, yet the ground is aaaall white.

Sounds beautiful doesnt it?
Yeah one might think so,
I hate it!
My dog however she loves it!
She wont take one step without eating the snow on the ground!
Can you imagine that any normal walk nowtakes more then twice as long since she just wont move forward?
And when I try to tell her off she looks at me like she doesnt have a clue what Im on about.
She gets water inside yet when we go outside its like she have been dying of thirst for at least a couple of days.
I used to love snow and all over sudden I hate it, and I know who to blame.
Gah! Dear lord remove the snow.. NOW!


Kristjan said...

I feel you. I dislike snow as well. I live in Estonia and we are having a good winter weather here at the moment. Tempeture is constantly under -10 degrees Celsius and drops a lot lower for nighttime. I hate it.

Sara said...

Ouchie! Well, at least you have Viru Valge Vodka to warm up with ;)

Curious Crow said...

I dont like the cold my self, however if its going to be cold I would prefer that there is snow.

Sara said...

I agree on that, otherwise it would be just as if the cold were wasted right?

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