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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleep and worries..

Ive realized its easier to listen to yourself in the night.
All the buzz from cars and people is gone,
its peace and quiet.

The moon and the stars is your only company and then there it is..
The brain suddenly has the time to listen to the soul.
Your mind starts working thru all the impressions youve recieved during the day.
Either you can smile and fall into a sweet state of sleeping.

Or the opposite, you cant fall asleep at all because of all the thoughts in your head and the anxiety that rushes over you like a monster coming out of the closet.
And suddenly, you cant even lay down with comfort,
the bed feels really bad and you twist and turn.
Sometimes the process keeps you awake just for a while,
other times, when the alarm rings in the morning - you have just fallen asleep.

The worries are not less today then they were for people hundreds of years ago,
yet we seem to fail to make as many people as possible feel so safe that they can have a gqood nights sleep.
For most of us, fortunatly this worries will leave us after few days, and we will be ok.
Others seems to be haunted by their nightmares for a lifetime.

How about you? Do you sleep well? What do you do when you cant relax enough to fall asleep,
do you have any nice advice for the rest of us?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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