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Monday, January 2, 2012

Here we go then..

I got a call this morning from a Doctor talking to me about the tests I left 2 weeks ago.
The testing itself is about determine if I have ADD/ADHD, and it rules out that its drugs giving you symptoms.¨
You kind of need to prove that you are clean and therefor the tests.
I was sure that the tests were fine since I hardly even drink alochol and I definatly dont use drugs.

"Sara, we need to talk about those tests.."
"Ok" (Here Im smiling since I was so sure anout what she was going to say.. Atleast I thought so)
"Your liver, it has (Im not convinced here about the english term for it) too high values.."
I got quiet and she carried on..

"In your case I dont belive it has anything to do with alcoho, right?"
"No, I hardly ever drink, and have never done so either."
"Ok, and your trombocytes are out of order, and your white bloodcells are too many"
I replied quickly:
"Oh, thats...strange"
"Yes, we want to re-run the tests just to make sure its not a mix up or something,and if it aint we will need to contact a doctor within that expertise"
"ok, well I`ll do the tests as soon as you have the paperwork done then"
"Yes, I will call you after the new results are back"
"Ok, bye"
"Bye bye"

She has a very firm voice that doctor and she left me with a million questions all alone.
One minute later the phone rang again.
"Yes is this Sara Im talking to?"

I could hear it was her again

"Yes, hello its me again"
"Hi there"
"You know what, you should call the doctor and book an appointment straight away, it will go faster for you that way, tell them about the testresults when you book the appointment"
"Oh, ok I will do that"
"Yes, I will call you after the new results are back."
"Oh ok, talk to you then"
"Yes bye bye"

All the questions I had had gone away and was now turning into a concern instead about what was happening inside me..
I will update you guys later, since at the moment, Im still not sure about what to think!


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