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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Too many bad things!

Lately there has been alot of depressing things and tragedies in this blog, so now I`ll write about something more important then anything else!

If you dont love yourself, noone else will be able to do so either.
As simple as that!

And you will not belive that someone can care about you as much as they do either unless you can feel that you deserve it.
This took me a lifetime to realise (well, almost anyway), but I`m starting to understand now and see the value in me, in the person I am today.
Ive started telling people when I belive that they are wrong, before Id just be quiet.
And I got to tell you, I grow an inch every single time I stand up for myself and for what I belive in.
Its a incredible feeling of satisfaction.
So what made me change then?

There has lately been some people in my life that has put their beliefs in me,
people who never had to do so.
They tell me when I do wrong, but I also realised, they tell me when Im right.
And to them it seems I do more good then bad, and that made me grow.
It took some pushing from one of them but in the end he got me there, I stood up and spoke my mind.
Even tho I knew there could be bad things for mecoming out of doing so.

So, how about you people? Do you always speak your mind?
Do you have someone that you support?
Or someone that supports you?
Do you love yourself?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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