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Monday, January 9, 2012

Parenting & Fathers

Ive noticed that there is 3 types of fathers after a end to a relationship with their kids mothers.

1) Is totally great, they want their child and will do anything to keep the child happy. these guys I admire!
     P.P you are one of them as I see it so far!

2) Then we haev the ones who just dont care or is incapable of seeing what they do to their kids by being            abscent and just ignoring their existence, the guys who get themself a new family and belive that they can forget    the children they had before the new relationship.. To all the Women out there.. How can you live with these guys and plan a future with them? You know that your kids are next in line for that treatment, right?

And then we have:

3) The guys who dont care about their kids until a new woman comes into their lifes and then suddenly they want to play the good father who loves his kids so so much.. These guys I understand the least.. I mean, children aint toys, they aint there to be played with for a while and then put back on the shelf when your new friends goes home like a doll?

We all need to understand that kids are a gift to have in your life, and you created those kids, you better be a man and step up and take care about them, guide them on their way thru life. They didnt ask to be born, you made that choice for them, right?

And to all those men out there, in relationships or not that live for your kids, that take care of them and would walk thru fire for them, keep it up.. You are great!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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