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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


.. I used to be against abortions.
Totally against them,
I thought give birth and then adoption would be a better solution.

Now I`m not so sure anymore.
I belive that some people never should have kids, the people who just can`t let a child be put first.
I belive that each child out there should be entitiled to have both parents in their life.
Get me right tho, it`s not that a parent can look into the future and see that the other parent will stay.
Things happens, and time changes stuff, I`m aware of that.

But I dislike seeing children being born without both parents caring for it.
I dont see a strong woman giving birth to a child on her own,
I see a sad child coming to earth.

All kids needs both their parents and hopefully alot of other, reasonable good adults around them while they grow up.
If one is missing then a part of the child is missing, a part from the childs background is missing.
And without enough information about one parent I truly belive that the child will be as a puzzle missing a bit.

Could you imagine growing up wondering why your father abandoned you?
Watching your mother cry in the evenings becuase she has to make sure you are fed and that you have clothes. And while she is at work you have to take care of yourself?
Just a thought here in the morning people..

And hey use birthcontrol - make sure you dont make someone elses life miserable!

Take  a minute - Think about it!


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