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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One of those days..

..when you want to crawl back into bed, I`m having one like that today!
I know I shouldn`t sleep more since then I will have problems sleeping tonight.

When I look outside its pitchdark and the only light I see is from the snow on the ground and the christmaslights in the windows across from me.

I can see a man sitting at his kitchentable, having breakfast and reading the paper. He seems so calm and relaxed, I almost envy him.

I seem so calm on the outside, but, because of the chrismasstress it feels like a storm inside.
I havent even started yet, and if I know myself correct I wont start until tomorrow.
The queen of postponing stuff - Thats me, now you can say you`ve met her!

However I almost always get stuff ready in time. And that surprises me every single time.
Are you done with all the shopping and cooking for christmas?
Did you find any nice gifts?


LILITH - Mamma med Borderline said...

You and me both. I'm gonna do the christmas shopping today, and bake and clean thursday and friday.

Sara said...

Right, I`m supposed to clean also.. And I just woke back up again.. gonna be a brilliant day!

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