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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


.. can you have too much pride?

Is it too much pride to refuse to ask someone for money when you know you will have a hard time getting all bills paid and still have food on the table in the evening?

Is it too much pride to not ask for a helping hand when you are gonna do some work around the house that most likely demands more musclepower then you have on your own?
Or, is this a new thing, something that didn`t exist before?
The fear of being a burden?
Are we sometimes making others dissapointed just becuase we don`t ask for their help?
Could it be here somewhere that society went wrong?

As I`ve been told, back in the days when my grandfather was young people helped eachother out more.
And if you had something and someoneelse needed it you would do your best to help them out?

I always try to help people out as much as I can, and I hope that they will do the same for me, even tho I know that I would help them out whenever and that they are aware of that, I find it hard to ask for help.
My mother raised me to be independant, I dont even like to ask my own family for help when needed.

And why is that? Are we that afraid to be judged? Are we so sure that someone else would look down on us if we asked for help even tho we know we wouldnt look down on them for needing help?
Its soon Christmas and I know it will be a tough one, yet I have no plans on asking for help,

What do you say? Do you ask about help when needed? Are you big enough to  let go of your pride? *And if you do, who do you turn to for help?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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