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Monday, December 26, 2011

What am I doing up?

Its 8:30 in the morning and I have nothing special to do, still Im awake, and have been for about an hour.
Thos who know me well knows that I lvoe sleeping so mych you could almost call it a special interest of mine.
I can fall asleep at any time I`d like.. atleast during the day.. In the evenings its just not the same thing, then I can toss and turn for hours without falling asleep.
Last night I was like Cinderella tho, she went home at midnight, and I fell asleep at midnight!I basically closed my eyes and fell straight asleep.

There is a storm going on outside, in the news they call it "Dagmar", not one of the sweetest names in the world so if it gets any worse, It has my total understang to why its raging! Lots of my friends are complaining at Facebook about the storm, they cant sleep because of it and so on. Sensitive  people huh?

I find it kind of cozy tbh.. Sitting inside and listen to the storm playing with the trees and playing its music on the rooftops, knowing you dont HAVE to go out, I love it!

Wow, I actually just logged in here to say good morning to you people, and I´v been ranting like this?

Anyhow, Good Morning people, see you later!


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