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Saturday, December 24, 2011

How to find love..

..where do you go and how do you actually find it?
I used to be one of those who didnt belive in it at all, but I more and more start to belive in relationships that starts online.


Because you by talking get to know the other person on a totally different loving then you would by normal dating. Plus online you dont get judged by your appearance unless you provide a photo the first time you and the potential partner chats!

And onlinedating might also provide so many potential partners that you can already fromscratch rule some out, and since rejection is easier online, noone has to walk around and wait for that call for a second date that never comes.
Of course there is pleanty of other ways you just need to find them.

I truly belive that there is someone out there for all of us, it might just take som time to find that person, and in some cases I belive you might never find him or her but that you can still find someone to love and make it "your person".

And when you do, you better nourish the relationship.
If it turns out bad, never give up because someone else tells you to, give up when you are ready to let go. Otherwise you might spend a lifetime of "what if" and that woud blind you from seeing when a good catch comes along.

No relationship has ever been in vain according to me because they have brought you lessons to learn and experience...

To all of you out there - Dont stop, dont quit - Dont give up!


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