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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Follow up..

.. on the previous post.

I never got to know if she knew about me, and in the long run it didnt even matter.

My mates asked me and my friend to join them to an afterparty, and after some hesitations I agreed.
It was a small apartment with a kitchen and a livingroom only.
Here how ever the story will be abit messy so I will from now on call the different persons by the first letter in their names instead.

My mates names: K,A,R and the girl I was with J, "my guy" M, and then we have, as a gueststar "S".
"K" and I went out smoking on the balcony and to cheer me up I suppose, he said: Sara, If I hadnt been with your friend before I would so totally be all over you now..

As if.. I thought to myself but smiled as a reply.
When we went in there was two people in the bed in the livingroom. M, closest to the window and then S who had stretched out in the middle of it.
Come sit here he said to me, I was still full of anger and thought I can do anything I want since M doesnt want me anyway, hell, he didnt even say hello to me yet.
So I sat down and it didnt take long before S made me rest my head on his arm.

R tried to talk to me but before I could reply S told him "Leave her alone, you know I leave for france soon and until then me and Sara is gonna be in love! I found it hard not to giggle, at the same time I remember M turned toward the window. He actually looked heartbroken, and I didnt feel sorry for him at all, it didnt matter if it was about what was happening or whatever happened to that girl he was with. She wasnt in the apartment anyway.

I could tell by the others looks that they didnt know what to think. Tho we kept it straight me and S, no kissing at all or such, just laying there chatting about life.

After a while it was time to get back to our town, and S followed us there, we went to M`s parents apartment and there S repeated the same, Sara come here, talk to me, rest on my arm! And I did.. When I had to leave and the morning had come K walked me home.

Before we split up he stopped and said, Sara, you know M likes you right? I answered: "Oh really? Its hard to tell while he is kissing someone else you know!"
He said that they had been speaking about me while they were out smoking and that he could tell by M`s reactions to me and S that he was really disturbed by it..

So how it all ended? Lets just say me and M worked it out and that we kept seeing eachother.
I got many stories about the two of us to share with you guys.


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