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Monday, December 19, 2011


I will carry on the previous post "The Call" later on some day, might be in an hour or might be in a week, I`m not sure.
It takes a lot of energy to write down the painful moments of your life and sometimes you just aint up for it.

And truth be told, I dont want you to come here and see misery, that aint what this blog is about.
I want it to be a nspiration for life, I want it to make you think!
I want you to see the people you meet in your life in a different light,
and I want you, Yes You to reach out and touch the heart of someone else.
Someone who needs it,you can touch someones heart and change their day by just giving them a smile.

People say the world has changed and its harder now, I must agree.
I wonder sometimes, could it be that the young ones growing up today lacks the  amount of empathy that we had and have?
I see alot more violence these days, in the newspapers, on the tv.
Why is that, is it only the parents fault? I have a problem beliving that since that would mean that suddenly there is way more bad parents in the world aswell?

Could it be that when I grew up there was almost always an adult around? In my case my mother was a stay at homemom. Then there was a chance that one of the parents, even in middleclasshomes, was the one the whole family depended on financially. Is that a possibilty these days? Not in Sweden if you have an ordinary job I think. I mean you can make it so you have roof over your head, you can pay the rent and have electicity and food but not much more then that if you have kids.

At the same time, everyhting has to be more effective, less adults in kindergardens and school ,yet, more kids. Who calculated out that that would be a good solution? And why on earth, worldwide do we accept it?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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