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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas as a kid..

.. I remember them so well those days.
Waking up early, haha too early I belive my parents would say.
My mother always used to prepare a small present for us to open in the morning, and except for something to do, ass in crosswords or such things it always involved the best candy of the year, homemade Christmascandy.

It was a strategy she had, giving us something that would occupy us while the adults prepared all the things they needed to do before people started arriving.
Food had to be cooked, preparing the table and so on.

The evening before Christmas we used to make the candy and fix the Christmastree.
Our tree was always beautiful, I remember that.
And if it wasnt well that dont matter because all of us kids helped out and therefor it was made with love, warmth and happiness!

Our wishlists were so long that there was never a chance of us getting all the toys we wanted, but there was always that slim chance that maybe, maybe Santa would rent a lorry to bring them to us ;)

In the afternoon people started arriving and we watched a Tv-Show that is shown every year in Swedish television, Donald Duck and his friends.

Then it was time to eat, even tho I`m rather sure us kids didnt eat much, we were so focused on what would be inside all those boxes that people had brought with them.
And the adults would never finish eating!
It was torture, sofisticated torture but still - Torture!

Then the moment finally arrived, Santa didnt show up but luckily for us my cousin could read and make sure that each one got the right presents.

Haha I`d always get aloooooot of presents since I, back then, was the youngest one. Yet I opened them all before anyone else had a chance to look at theirs!
My brother always used to do the ugly trick of waiting me out so that when I was finished he just started opening his presents, and I got to sit there and stare filled with jealousy!

After the gifts were all unwrapped the adults had coffee and the Christmascandy was served.
And each Christmasevening, we all fell asleep satisfied and warm at heart, thinking it was the best day ever!

Mom, If you are reading this, thanks for all those great times we had growing up, Lots of love to you!


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