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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


.. lets continue on the earlier subject..

Or more the relationships that are over before they even started,
Friends with benefits and so on.
Does it really work?
Because Ive experienced that someone is bound to get hurt by it in one way or another.
Someone always invest their feelings sooner or later.
And if there aint feelings for both part, what to do?

I fell in love once, I must have been around 22.
It was this guy hanging out with old friends of mine but I had never seen him before even tho we lived in the same neighborhood. I knew as soon as I saw him he was something special I just didnt get what was special about him.
Sure he looked good, lovely brown eyes, nicely built and so on..
It was in aclub and I remember me and my friend dancing with my old friends and this guy aswell of course,
however my friends left but this guy stayed.
It started to become lousy music but me and my friend didnt want to abandon this guy there.
So to be kind I asked if he wanted to go with his mates or come with us.
He choosed the last option, loud music in the club made it so we couldnt really speak tho, but we exchanged numbers.

I didnt expect him to call, I mean it aint as if I were a catch in any way.
However he actually did, and we started seeing eachother.
Not like dates more with friends or he coming over to my house.
Only our closest friends knew what was going on between us.
This kept on for several months but I knew he was seeing others aswell,
and belive me it hurt. Even tho he had told me he wasnt the relationshiptype and so on.
He was honest, he didnt see a future for us.

One day while looking out my window, I hadnt heard for him in 10 days or so, I saw him walking thru the neghborhood hand in hand with a pretty girl. BOOM! The world stopped moving and my heart was in pieces, I was both angry and really sad, most of all I was likely very, very hurt.
I went over to a friends place and we had a drink, I told her what happened and we agreed on going to a close town the next night and go out.
I didnt want to go out in our hometown since I didnt want to run into those two.

The next day came, it was a friday, we headed for the other town, a friend of hers gave us a lift there.
I was looking so good, and feeling like flirting just to overcome all the stress of him and the girl.
We go to our regular place their, As soon as we come in we ordered a drink in the first bar then went to the other dancefloor, further in.

What was the first thing I saw? My mates sitting with this guy at a table and with them that girl, that stupid, stupid girl with the guy holding my heart!
I gasped for air and then ran off into the ladiesroom, my friend came after me she asked whats up, and I told her. She couldnt belive it either, she said come on lets go over there and say hi and see how he reacts. I refused, I would not show myself to him, he might be able to see how hurt I was (There we go,that pride again).

She went over and said hi wich also meant my old mates knew that I was there, one of them quickly picked up on the situation. He wanted to make me feel better so he turned up dancing a bit with me and then he said; Dont be sad, you look good you can get any man you like in here, as a matter of fact, I will get you any man you point out! Choose one!

I`m not that kind of girl but none of my excuses was good enough for him so he kept going "Anyone, anyone Sara, Point out anyone you think is looking good in here".

Finally he caught my eyes resting on a cute guy in there, so without me having anything to say, he went and talked to the guy. He brought him to me and said: "Now you two are going out there (pointing towards the exit where there was sofas) and have a talk, get to know eachother" , it wasnt a plea it was an order so we went. I explained the whole situation to the guy and he understood so we just kept talking.

When we left the place that evening we were going different directions and had kept it on a friendly level.

As I turned around outside I saw "my boy" kissing that other girl, same way he used to kiss me.
My heart was broken into pieces  but I felt nothing else then anger at the time.
Did she ever know about me?

There will be a follow up on this one since the story continues, but I will leave you with this for now.

Have u had a friend with benefits? How did it end?
Does it really work?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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