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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tupac and Biggie

You dont know who they are? Shame on you!
I was sitting today thinking about it, the difference now and then, and somehow I got into music.
Do you remember what it was that made a whole world listen to 2pac?  And how come people around the world still listens to them?

They are actually up to date even now. He spoke alot about a hard reality in the streets, how it was growing up without a father, and all the injustice in the world.. then.. But songs as Brendas baby could have been made today. "We got money enough to go to war but not feed the poor" is also a line that could have been made today, now I`m thinking about all wars in the world, not just U.S.A beeing involved.

And something is still wrong with the world when kids aint old enough to drink legally but yet old enough to be sent away as soldiers.
And who looses in such situations? Well I`m rather sure that it aint the rich people, I`m rather convinced it strikes the poor parts of a nation the most.

I read about mothers working 2-3 jobs just to be able to support their kids, and since divorces has risen high all over the world, who is bringing them kids up? Grandparents if lucky, otherwise, the streets.

Anyhow back to the music, when I grew up listening to Tupac it was a totally different story "Tupac cares if nobody else`s there", "dear mama" he taught me, even tho I´m white, growing up in a middleclass home that I was important, what does people like Lil`Wayne and 50 Cent got on that? Nothing, they aint teaching anyone anything good, except that you can slang and use guns as toys.
Ho`s you can have and throw away like yesterdays garbage.

We let kids listen to this, OUR kids, and then we wonder why they rob people and steal and so on?
Get me right here "In da club" sure made me dance aswell but somewhere deep inside me I`m starting to wonder is this really good?

Eminem however is in alot of songs actually trying to tell us something, Dr. Dre i think it was keeping it real saying stuff like "I moved out of the hood can you blame me?".

I stand by my previous post, I wont judge anyone until I`ve walked a mile or two in their shoes.

Are you sure you feel that you have the right to blame anyone, or that you and I are not a part of why society looks the way it is now?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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